Poem 18

Lily on a Lake

The essence of purity,

flawlessly smooth like the cheeks of a porcelain doll.

The peak of perfection,

caressed delicately by white-gloved hands,

placed gently on nature’s pool of life;

Ripples of pleasure extend from their touch

as sunlight illuminates their true colors.

White fragile petals, like clouds across the sky,

float weightless atop the mysterious, flowing, iridescent liquid,

whose dark surface camouflages the secrets hidden beneath.

Inseparable, the dark holding the light

drift in silence

into the distant future.


~ Lillian B.

Until we meet again!…


Poem 17

Soul Eternal

You lay there.



Rigid as cement,

cold as steel.



“Breathe into me!”, you scream, “I can’t feel you!”

But I can’t hear you;

For you are human;

And I am immortal.


Without life you are dead.

With death I am alive.


~ Lillian B

Until we meet again!…

Poem 16

Rusty Hand Saw

You metal shark!

bowed like the rising sun;

with warped shards – your jagged teeth;

left outside as a chained-up dog, discarded after playtime;

tattooed by raindrops;

you shed and flake your copper-colored skin;

thirsting for nourishment, yearning to be quenched;

abandoned among other shed tools;

a faithful partner, awaiting your next job.


~ Lillian B.

Until we meet again!…